Vacuum Truck Services

Quality & Reliable Vacuum Truck Services

If you run and operate an oilfield or gas production line, you know how often you need a vacuum truck to help clean up and move elements on your work site. The vacuum truck can help with a variety of services to help make your operation more effective and productive.

Our feet of liquid vacuum trucks can help with removal, transfer, and disposal of liquid material. Learn more about our services below, and be sure to give us a call for an estimate on our services. 

Flowback Drilling Rig Hauling

We have the flowback equipment needed to help make operations run smoothly on your oilfield. Flowback is the process by which the fluid used to hydraulically fracture a shale formation is recovered from the well at the surface. Flowback drilling is done in preparation for the treatment phase, and it is also performed to clean up and transition the well to a production stage. This is an important step in the drilling operation, so we take great care to avoid sudden pressure fluctuations that may disrupt the site when we work. 
Mud Hauling

The operations on your oilfield can be hectic enough without worrying about mud hauling and other related services. That’s why the team at N & B Well Service LLC can help with affordable and reliable mud hauling using our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks.
Brine Water Hauling

Brine water is a highly concentrated water solution of sodium chloride. Enlist our drivers and contractors to handle your brine water hauling job. We follow all rules and regulations when safely transporting your brine water.
Fresh Water Hauling

We can haul fresh water to your well site for the various phases of drilling and hydraulic fracturing. With so many state laws and red tape on hauling fresh water and other goods on state roads, our services make it easy to get the resources you need, when you need them.
Oil Skimming

Many clients enlist us for oil skimming services because this is an easy way to clean your industrial tank. Our vacuum truck can help to skim the oil from the top of the separator, which can be less of a hassle than needing to empty the entire tank of sludge and water and then pressure wash the entire system. 
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