Pulling Unit

Pulling Unit Services 

N & B Well Service LLC offers a variety of pulling unit services to help clients and contractors throughout the Midland and Odessa areas. The pulling unit side of our business can help with workover services, completion work, and other oilfield site preparations. No other company in the area can offer this set of skilled services. We adhere to strict safety standards and always perform ongoing training with our employees to help ensure success and safety for each job. 

Learn more about how our pulling unit can help you below, and please give us a call to request an estimate. 

Workover Rigs

“Workover” refers to any kind of oil well intervention involving invasive techniques, such as wireline, coiled tubing, or snubbing. It refers to the intensive process of pulling and replacing a completion.
Well Completion

Well completion refers to the process of making an oil or gas well ready for commercial production. During this process, the borehole is prepared as per the required specifications. We tailor our well completion services to the unique requirements of your operation. Well completion is finished by running production tubing deep into the hole along with its associated down hole tools.
Production Work

We have skilled and experienced oilfield operators to help ensure safety on your work site. From coordinating the phases of your well to running the equipment needed to complete your job, we do it all. At N & B Well Service LLC, our contractors have years of experience in the industry. 
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